We Specialize in Interior Design Arts and Innovations.

About Us

Soheer Design

is a division of Global Hospitality Revelation Company (GHRco)?

German to be a new look in the world of interior design and decoration for the residential, commercial and tourism sectors, and to provide furniture and furnishings for the tourism sector and provide specialized services, relying on the expertise of its administrative and technical cadres.

Activity and work areas:-

  • Interior design and decoration for the residential, commercial and tourism sectors.
  • Design and supply of furniture for the tourism sector.
  • The supply of high-end furnishings to the tourism sector..

Our Vision

We have a clear vision of what it means for each interior design of global meanings and what it needs the requirements and obligations to determine exactly what we want and how and when we seek to achieve.

  • To be one of the pioneers in the arts of interior design through creating and presenting the best designs based on experience and knowledge.
  • Our site should be one of the best global sites for interior design.
  • To be one of the best international companies that rely on modern technologies to provide design innovations for their clients.

Our message

  • We strive to be one of the largest interior design companies in Europe and the Middle East by relying on innovation in designs.
  • Always meet customer needs to help them stay on top.
  • Achieve complete customer satisfaction by providing the latest designs.

Our goals

  • The main goal is to fulfill the desires and needs of all customers.
  • Enhancing the company's position and its global brand.
  • Easy access to clients, relationship building and customer service.
  • Increase the opportunities for expansion and presence to meet the needs of the local and international markets.
  • Business development, innovation, customer service and quality
  • Empowering customers, audience satisfaction and invaluable customer insights

Our team

  • Our company is managed by an integrated team with long qualifications and experience, and high skills and capabilities in dealing with professional design requirements.

The designer
Soheer Issa

Eng / Ali Hammad Egypt
Eng / Shaheera Abu Sarah Palestine
Eng / Mohammed Al-Awad Egypt
Eng / Manal Al-Najjar Palestine
Eng / Tony Gabor Lebanon

Eng / Fadi Sharkas
Eng /Jad Diab
Eng / Mohammed Mokhtar
Eng / ahmed Maher
Eng / Rania Al-Masry

Our Values

  • Reliability, honesty and loyalty.
  • Commitment, professionalism and competence.
  • Excellence and teamwork.
  • credibility and flexibility in dealing and sharing.
  • Focus on the customer.